Welcome to the Lyceum
  Dear Visitor,  
  When I founded The Lyceum many years ago, I had a commitment, a commitment to which I remain faithful. That commitment is based on my profound respect for the teaching profession and for those who work on a daily basis to pass along civilization to the next generation. My commitment is based also on my experiences as one who has sat through and has watched teachers sit through training that, while usually well intentioned, often missed the mark.

From my first day as an educational consultant/trainer and school improvement facilitator, I decided that I would commit to every person with whom I would ever work and to myself that I would not waste the valuable time of teachers and administrators whose time is already spread quite thin and whose responsibilities continue to grow, nor would I waste my own time just "going through the motions." I also made the commitment that any training or consultation services that I provide will be of high quality, relevant and meaningful and would ultimately result in better results for students and teachers.

The Lyceum provides a wide variety of quality services, from keynote addresses to workshops, classes, seminars, and coaching to long-term collaboration on school improvement. We have a network of highly skilled and experienced professionals to meet all of your needs.

We also realize that besides classroom teachers, many people in education- coordinators, directors, site and district administrators- have a list of responsibilities that continues to grow and the time you have to execute your duties continues to shrink. To you I say to think of us as a one stop. We can help to meet your needs.

I have worked with thousands of educators nationally and internationally and look forward to hearing from you and working with you.


David Ghoogasian
Educational Consultant/Trainer
School Improvement Facilitator
President and Founder of The Lyceum