Workshops & Services
Presentations, Keynotes, Classes, and Training
Topics Include:
• How the Brain Learns/ Brain-Compatible Learning
• Learning Styles
• Teaching Styles
• Differentiated Instruction - meeting the needs of all learners
• Adding Depth and Complexity to Learning
• Classroom Management/Discipline
• Dealing with the Difficult or Non-Compliant Student
• Improving Reading Comprehension
• Multiple Intelligence Theory
• Critical Thinking
• Emotional Intelligence
• Leadership
• Helping New Teachers to Succeed
• BTSA Training
• GATE Training
• Translating Brain Research into Classroom Practice
 Providing Effective Results
Our work also includes overall school improvement - going into a school and identifying things that need to be done and working to improve them. We also have a network of highly qualified and effective professionals to work as a team. These services/topics can be brought to institutions outside of the field of education as well.